Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The South African Rand is offering great opportunities for international travellers visiting South Africa.

Yolanda Woeke-Jacobs, Director of Sales and Marketing for Dragonfly Africa comments:  “Most international currencies have increased in value, some currencies to well over 50%; making South Africa even more affordable to visit than before!  This is the best time to plan your next Incentive trip or holiday to South Africa and take advantage of the fantastic value the destination has to offer."

Below are some calculations, indicating the increase in value of GBP to the ZAR.
Value of GBP in May 2011 – 11.23
Value of GBP in January 2014 – 18.34
Increase in value of 63.2 % in the last 3 years.
Below are some calculations, indicating the increase in value of EURO to the ZAR.
Value of EURO in May 2011 – 9.82
Value of EURO in January 2014 – 15.21
Increase in value of 54.9% in the last 3 years.

With some superb hotel properties , great infrastructure, amazing wildlife and top quality food and wine, this is the destination that makes sense.  Where you really get more value for your dollar! 

Through its bankers, Green Route Africa is also able to assist clients with incentive programmes to buy forward, so obtaining an even more favourable rate.

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