Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cape Town Urban Adventure

Cape Town flower sellers
There is a new adventure-based activity in Cape Town, the Urban Adventure Challenge. Ideally suited for groups between 15 – 120 guests, the programme explores the urban city precinct in a fun and challenging way. This can be tailor made to suit budget and time constraints. The programme last from 3 hrs to a whole day activity.
After an informal session of “getting to know each other”, the interactive staff will have the group stretching those muscles ready for the challenge ahead. The group will be divided into teams, and after a short presentation of the “rules of engagement”, the teams will head to various starting points across the city. The Urban Adventure is a question and answer, Amazing Race and point-to-point style experience. At various designated areas the group have to do select activities for bonus points. These included eating a chilli in a Bo-Kaap spice shop, running into Green Market square and learning to play the jambe drum or bartering for flowers with the much-loved Cape Town flower sellers. After a gumboot dance behind The old Great Church (Groote Kerk), guests will be touched by the heritage and hardship of the stories told against the walls of the old Slave Lodge. The company gardens will reveal their beauty as the teams hunt for trees, watering holes, and for bonus points, chew down a floating donut (just to add some fun to the day). The Urban Adventure offers a rewarding, educational and “get-to-love-the-city” result. The group could  conclude the day with canapés and drinks served on the balcony of the elegant Taj Presidential Suite, overlooking Parliament and Table Mountain, which is available for private cocktail events limited to 70 guests.

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