Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sun International goes Culinary Crazy

The Palace of the Lost City offers Master Chef cooking challenge

Dust off those aprons and sharpen those knives!

Master Chef Cooking Challenges offers a wonderful culinary team-building event for companies that want to build excitement and camaraderie. Each Master Chef Cooking Challenge takes place at The Palace Pool Deck and offers a culinary adventure. You’ll have an artillery of kitchen appliances at your disposal; Japanese Sushi knives, blowtorches, and every conceivable mixer, mincer and shredder. Plus, the best ingredients this side of the Atlantic - dry aged meat, wild game, SASSI listed fish and organic vegetables and fruits. Groups can use a Wok, Pizza Oven or Braai to cook in.

A huge emphasis is placed on creativity and visual presentation - you’ll learn how to create unique and difficult plate designs. You could end up filleting a whole fish or creating a new style Moroccan rub for pork belly or learn how to make an onion and apple velouté. This is an opportunity for even the most uninformed chefs to experience new thrills, learn new skills and techniques and push the boundary of creativity.

You can choose either a lunch or dinner cooking challenge

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