Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Our Sales and Marketing Manager interviewed two staff members, Tessa Owen and Bonny Robb, who were the recent leads responsible for a successful group of 900 delegates in Cape Town. He wanted to get an idea of the challenges and possibilities, when looking at an event of this magnitude in Cape Town.

Question: What do you think was the biggest challenge, as an event organiser, handling a group of this size in Cape Town?

Tessa - My biggest challenge was sourcing unique and suitable venues for off-site events. Cape Town is well suited for groups up to even 500 delegates, but once you get past this mark, it becomes a challenge and the function has to be created from scratch. This does however allow for more creativity in developing the event.

Question: What was the highlight, in your mind, of the event?

Tessa - Running a unique and successful Gala Dinner for 900 guests. This was, in my mind, worthy of a Site Crystal Award.

Bonny – Seeing the international delegates, from 46 countries, all revelling in our beautiful city!

Question: Could Cape Town easily handle an incentive event of say 1500 delegates?

Tessa & Bonny - Most definitely, we have the hotel capacities, transport logistics, tour options, smaller dinner venues, and, with some creative thought, off-site group dinner venues.

Question: What would you say are the 4 most important elements in organizing such an event?

Tessa - Clear communication in general, realistic budget expectations, a strong team on the ground and lastly choosing trustworthy and reliable industry suppliers.

Unfortunately due to our client’s wish for privacy, we cannot publish any images of this event.

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