Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chaf Pozi - a new Soweto township restaurant that’s got style

Unlike traditional restaurants in Johannesburg, Chaf Pozi offers visitors an exciting experience to enjoy food and be entertained in the hub that is Soweto. This sprawling township is located just 20 minutes from downtown Johannesburg.

Perfectly located at the foot of the iconic Orlando Towers, Chaf Pozi offers a shebeen (local pub) vibe second to none! Chaf Pozi has become a “must” for both tourists and locals alike and for the dare devils, a bungee jumping experience is available off the top of the Orlando Towers - 100m high!

The restaurant has played host to many aspiring artists, creating a platform for the up and coming youth in the entertainment industry. Friday, Saturday and Sunday offers guests the opportunity to listen to music ranging from jazz to up-beat hip hop.

The extensive menu covers local cuisine including mutton, beef, chicken, wors (sausage), samp (local maize dish), pap (polenta), chakalaka (tomato based sauce) as well as a variety of tasty side dishes.

As one critic wrote, “It balances the qualities of a mellow mood with a feeling of adventure and the massive towers overhead shield the area from outside influences, adding to the sense of seclusion”.

A great venue to combine with a cycle tour through the township, which offers an opportunity to interact with the local community.  Chaf Pozi can cater for up to 1000 seated patrons.

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