Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Green Route Africa and their clients give back to the community

World-wide incentive – interaction with kids

“The highlight of the program for me was our CSR day.  We painted one of the buildings at Henna Pre-School, interacted with children at the primary school and then played a soccer match on the field with the whole village coming out to watch.  It was an excellent day!  Have a look at the attached group photo with all the participants and the children on the soccer field.”

Australian Incentive

I wanted to send you a big thank you from iKhaya le Themba for the wonderful event with your client recently.  We all LOVE the new colours of iKhaya and are planning to make good use of the leftover paint to paint our gardening container also.

Nellie, who runs our library, was overjoyed to find all our books covered when she returned from the holiday weekend.  This is such an on-going project for us and it is so nice to have it DONE so we can use the books. As for the tree planters, they will just have to come back and see their hard work in 5 years’ time; it is going to be so beautiful here.

We love that we have a food forest surrounding us; it reminds us that the earth can provide for us if we take good care of it. Thanks so much to the Australian team who got down to work with lots of enthusiasm and no bother.  It is not hard to see why they are the top achievers for their company. 

Also a huge warm and heartfelt thanks for the donation of a much needed photocopier for our office. There is no more running down the hill to pay other businesses to do copies for us, only to return and find ourselves 2 copies short!  Amazingly the copier was exactly the one we had wanted and perfect for our needs.”

 I am reminded of a lovely quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu: -
Do your little bit of good wherever you are.  It is all those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”

Back at the office……

Congratulations to Antoinette at the Green Route Africa office who has taken the initiative to start “Odd Socks”. Her inspiration came to her whilst waiting for a client at the airport. Whilst waiting she mused on how cold her feet were and it got her thinking how much worse the less fortunate would be feeling this winter. The idea is to donate all those odd socks you have in your cupboard.

The concept has spread like wildfire through social media and she has socks coming from far afield as Korea, Netherlands and the USA!!! Our own Green Tribe initiative has since got involved and will assist with packaging and distribution of the socks to various NGO’s.  

You can find her on Facebook.

On a cold & blustery Cape Town winters morning, the Green Route team headed to Haven Homes to distribute warm blankets & to share some cakes with the 94 pensioners who live at Haven Home. Haven Homes is a privately funded Old Aged home caring for destitute & otherwise homeless pensioners. It is approximately 10 minutes away from the Green Route offices. While the residents' basic needs are taken care of by their amazing support team, the Green Routers offered their time, some sweet treats & a warm winter blanket to each resident to ward off the winter chills.

END WORD – It makes you think
“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”  ~ Seth Godin

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