Friday, August 27, 2010

Cape Town in the morning, Cape Town in the evening, Cape Town all day long.

Another winters day in Cape Town; how painful for us who live in such a magnificent place! I wake up every morning, as I step out of my house I catch a glimpse of Table Mountain, just sitting there in all its magnificence. I drive to work, the highway that takes me there coasts the mountain from the beginning to Devils Peak; on the other side of this highway is the sea. Every morning and every afternoon I’m astounded by the fact that both of these features always look different and yet always look beautiful. My fascination is such that I have decided to document this phenomenon by taking a picture every morning and every afternoon so I can share it with you and you too can experience this . It boggles the mind that a city as fantastic as this one exists. I feel truly lucky that my home is here! Would love to know what visitors from other lands think of this city and I wouldn’t mind if you shared a few photographs too? My ode to Cape Town in pictures starts tomorrow...............

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